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Warranty Service - Sedgewick
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Warranty Service


Although we’ve spent a lot of time together bringing your dream to reality, we’re not done yet. Your New Sedgewick Home warranty promises continued service and reliability; standing behind every home we build is another reason why our customers refer us three times more than the competition. There are two components to your warranty and we want to make sure you understand both of them completely: The one year Fit and Finish and the Structural warranty. 

1 Year Fit and Finish: 
Consider this your “Bumper-to-Bumper” coverage for everything Sedgewick Homes supplied in your new home. 
Structural Warranty: 
Consider this the “Skeletal” component of your warranty; things like the foundation and framing work. Want more detail? You got it! 
  • Bowed walls would be covered
  • Drywall tape would not
  • Roof leaks caused by trusses or framing would be covered. Roof leaks caused by shingles or sheathing would not
  • Foundation cracks 3/16″ and larger would be covered. Remember that concrete cracking is normal and some should be expected
  • Foundation leaks would be covered, first by our One-year Fit and Finish warranty then by the waterproofing manufacturer’s 30-year warranty
  • While Items like flooring, siding and HVAC equipment are not covered by a Structural Warranty, they may be covered by the manufacturer.
No matter what your concern is or how long you’ve been in your home, we’re always here to help. So, please call us at 877.358.9199 and we’ll work to assist in any way we can.

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