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FAQs | North Carolina Home Builders | Sedgewick Homes
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  • Q. What if I don’t currently own land?
    • A. Don’t worry, we can still help.  Working in conjunction with local realtors and private land owners, we’ll help you find the perfect lot in the area you want to live.
  • Q. Do I have to buy the land first?
    • A. Typically, your land purchase can be rolled into the construction loan financing. We will work with you and your lender to help with this process.
  • Q. Where do I go to finance my new home?
    • A. You can use a lender of your choice, as long as they can provide construction loan financing; or we can connect you with one of our preferred lenders to help you obtain financing that meets your needs.
  • Q. I saw on your website that you have a lot of floor plans. Does that mean you won’t build from my plans?
    • A. Our in-house drafting/design team allows us to customize any of our house plans to make it uniquely yours; however, we are happy to build your home based on your plans as well.
  • Q. The advertisements say Sedgewick Homes will build a house on my land board by board. Is there an advantage to that over modular construction?
    • A. In our opinion, there are several advantages to site built homes over modular construction. With Sedgewick you get to watch the entire process and see the quality of your home as it’s being built board by board on your land. Site built homes are typically easier to finance. Modular homes are generally harder to resell and often do not have the same value as a site built home. At Sedgewick Homes we can have your house completed as quickly from the point of sale as a modular home builder and most likely for less money.
  • Q. Do I have any choices on the finishes and fixtures for my new home? Do I have to travel around to make my selections?
    • A. At Sedgewick Homes we understand that choices are as important as your time. Our onsite design studios allow you to choose from hundreds of features without driving anywhere else. 
  • Q. I have heard it can be difficult to get builders to return for service work once they’ve completed the home. What makes Sedgewick Homes different?
    • A. We recognize that happy customers will lead to future sales, therefore it’s in our best interest to make sure that you are delighted; not just during the construction process, but throughout the warranty period as well. Simply stated:  We want your referrals. The employees at Sedgewick Homes have a long history of delighting customers and we would be happy to put you in touch with referrals if you would like.