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Referral Program - Sedgewick
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Referral Program

  • 20161018_160052

    Chris and son receiving their referral check for $1,000 from sales consultant Brian Lines. They referred the Trivette family.

  • chris-miller-referral-for-carters

    The Millers receive their check for $1,000 for referring the Carters.

  • 20161013_135849

    Keller Williams referred the Hodges who built a new home on their recently purchased land.

  • Lacie Howard with Linda

    Lacie receiving her referral check for $1,000 from Linda Duncan.

  • Jonathan with Jamie Nicholson

    Jonathan delivers a referral check for $1,000 to Jamie Nicholson. Thank you for referring us to Josh Shumaker!

  • Faye Comer with Tom for Chilton referral

    Faye collects a referral check for $1,000 from Tom. Thanks for sharing us with your friends the Chiltons.

  • Joshua with Brian referred Kinders

    Joshua collects his referral check for $1,000 from Brian...just in time for holiday spending!

  • Melissa Easter with Brian

    Melissa with her daughter collect another referral check for $1,000 from Brian Lines Sales Consultant.

  • Tim and Aaron Caudle with Jonathan

    Tim and his son Aaron receive their referral check for $1,000 from Jonathan Elam Sales Consultant.

  • Danielle Shore REVISED

    Danielle and her son celebrate another $1,000 referral check with a big thumbs up.

  • tanya

    Sales Manager Ray presents Tanya with her $1,000 check for referring a customer to Sedgewick Homes!

  • cheryl

    Ray presenting another $1,000 referral check to Cheryl!

  • randy

    Jonathan along with Randy and Maria and their daughter receiving their $1,000.

  • Broughton referral

    Daniel with Don Mead Vice President of Sales receiving his referral check for $1,000.

  • greg

    Ray presents Greg with his $1,000 referral check.

  • eddie

    Ray presents Eddie with his $1,000 referral check.

  • nicole

    Ray gives Nicole her $1,000 referral check.

  • Courtney South

    Ray gives Courtney and Jimmy their referral check for $1,000.

  • Phil Gatling

    Jonathan delivers Phil's referral check for $1,000 to his new home.

  • Jamie Revels refer

    Jonathan hands Jamie a BIG referral check for $1,000.

  • Kelly Pardue

    Kelly is all smiles when Ray hands her a referral check for $1,000.

  • Larry Trivette

    Larry with Jonathan picks up his referral check for $1,000.

  • Lakyn Hutchison with Tom and Billy

    Tom Bernard and Billy of Sedgewick Homes are on hand to give Lakyn and her famiily their referral check for $1,000.

  • Michael & Pam with Ray

    Ray went to the job site to deliver Michael and Pam’s $1,000 check!

  • Danielle Griffith with Charlie

    Danielle with Charlie is receiving a check for $1000.00 for referring a new customer to Sedgewick Homes.

  • Dirk with Ray and Arlo

    Dirk collects his referral check for $1,000 from Ray and Arlo Barzee of Sedgewick Homes.

  • Julie Campbell with Ray

    Julie with Ray Ruppe Sales Manager receives her referral check for $1,000.

  • Michael Wingler with Jonathan 1

    Sales Consultant Jonathan Elam presenting Michael with his $1,000 check for referring a customer to Sedgewick Homes!

  • Michael Wingler with Jonathan 2

    Jonathan presents Michael with ANOTHER $1000 check for referring a customer to Sedgewick Homes.

  • Rebecca Smith with Charlie

    Rebecca with Charlie Simpson Sales Consultant receiving another referral check for $1,000

  • Cathy Shore with Jonathan

    Cathy receiving her referral check for $1,000 from Jonathan Elam.

*Certain Restrictions Apply.
To be eligible, new customers must have had no prior contact with Sedgewick Homes and the referring person must pre-register the new customer or the new customer must inform Sedgewick Homes they were referred (by you) during their first communication. The $1,000 referral fee is paid when we dig the footers for your Referral’s New Home.