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Is Your House As Ready As You For Summer? - Sedgewick
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Is Your House As Ready As You For Summer?

Is Your House As Ready As You For Summer?
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It’s summertime with all its fun! The kids are outside playing in the sprinklers and throwing water balloons. Maybe you’re secretly trying to outdo the neighbors with your home grown vine ripe tomatoes! The only problem with summer is, it can be hard on your home. Here are some tips for getting your house ready for summer and maintaining it through to the season.

Stop the Insect Invasion

According to the Entomological Society of America, there are about a billion insects for every single human on Earth. That’s Right – 1 Billion! As the weather warms up, your home becomes an attractive target for a variety of little creatures. For example, subterranean termites swarm from the end of spring to early summer. And when these hungry wood-eating insects emerge from the ground, they usually target residential homes like heat-seeking missiles!

Protect Your Foundation From the Heat

Really Hot temperatures are one thing, but when it gets as humid as it does here in North Carolina, make sure your crawlspace vents are open (or operating if automatic). You don’t want moisture to build up in your crawlspace – so opening the vents allows air to flow through the crawl and maintain more reasonable temperature and moisture levels.

Safety For Summertime Fun

Summer is the perfect time for large family gatherings, Fourth of July barbecues, pool parties, and nighttime star gazing. With all the outdoor activities and guests, you really need to be extra vigilant about safety. Declutter your yard and remove anything that could potentially cause an accident. Make sure you install plenty of lights and reflectors on your patio, deck, outdoor entrance way, and outdoor walkways. Clean your grill very well before you use it so you don’t cause a fire that could endanger you, your family, friends, and property.

While swimming pools are loads of fun, they can also be dangerous. According to the National Safety Council, approximately 7000 people die in private swimming pools every year in the United States. Even worse, residential pools are the leading cause of accidents and deaths in children under five years old. Make sure your fence and gate are doing their job, if your pool safety cover is old or damaged, you should replace it right away before the summer festivities get into high gear. Also, be sure to have your pool cleaned and the water properly treated to prevent the spread of disease. Now, you and your home are ready for summer! Have fun!

Now, you and your home are ready for summer! Have fun!

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