Whether you're a first time home buyer, or new to building a home, there can be some tricky terminology that comes your way. Below you will find words that are frequently used during our building process and what they mean.

Allowance items

An allowance item is an item that is not included in the base price of your home and varies from home to home. This includes your septic tank, or sewer tap, your well or city water tap, gravel, lot clearing, rough grading and many more things. Please ask your Sales Consultant to outline your allowances in-depth if there is any confusion. Allowance items are included in your final contract price.


Sedgewick Homes offers up to four different elevations for their home plans. The elevation is simply the exterior look of the home. Spruce is our most basic home exterior and what all of our base prices are based on. Then you can upgrade to poplar, oak, or maple. 

Heated vs. unheated square feet

Heated square feet is also referred to as living area. This is anywhere in the home that will be insulated and will have HVAC throughout. In addition to typical living space, this can include finished bonus rooms and finished basements. Unheated square feet can include an unfinished bonus room, unfinished basement, garage space, porches or decks. 

Base price

"What is included in the base price of my home? Sedgewick Homes offers a base price on each of their homes. This price comes with all the standard features and prices your home from footers to finish. If you'd like to choose a different available finish, you are certainly welcome to do so. Remember though, the cost of your house will rise with the more available features you chose.