Realtor Referral Program

Sedgewick Homes offers a rewarding program to Realtors for referring their customers to us. At Sedgewick Homes, we understand the value of your customer relationships, and we're willing to reward you for sharing them with us. All individual realtors that register a customer who builds a home with us will receive the following graduated commission pay.

Commission for your first registered buyer will be 3.5% of the base sales price of the home.

Commission for your second and third registered buyers will be 4% of the base sales price of the home.

Commission for your fourth and fifth registered buyers will be 4.5% of the base sales price of the home.

Commission for your sixth registered buyer and beyond will be 5% of the base sales price of the home.

All sales will be based on a fiscal year starting the day the first buyer is registered and ending 12 months later. A new fiscal year starts when the first buyer is registered after the previous calendar year has ended. All commissions will be paid within two weeks of digging the footers for each sale.

As an added bonus, any individual realtor who registers 10 or more buyers in a fiscal year will get a 5 day trip to the Caribbean. We will pay airfare and lodging for you and a guest, along with a $250 cash stipend to cover additional expenses. The trip will be awarded after we have dug the 10th foundation for that period.

It's easy to get started. To qualify for all of the above you must preregister a buyer with us or they must list you as the referral upon their first contact with us. No commissions will be paid if not registered by the first contact. All registrations will expire if the customer has not signed a contract with Sedgewick Homes within a year of registration. We look forward to working with you and serving your customers.

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