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Pine Mountain - Sedgewick
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Property Details

Pine Mountain

pine mountain for website

Description | 1 Story Cottage Stlye Home

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At 1,581 heated square feet on the main floor, our New Pine Mountain house plan has a lot to offer.  Then add another 723 square feet of unfinished second floor, and it becomes a perfect first, second, or last home.  The open floor plan features three bedrooms and two baths, alongside a large family room and spacious kitchen with island; making this a family friendly space at a great value too.  The large Owner’s Suite has two closets and a bathroom with plenty of room to move around. This is our model home at our Statesville location. RENDERINGS MAY SHOW NON-STANDARD FEATURES.

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Pine Mountain

1,581 sq ft 3 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms not included

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