Trends in Kitchen Finishes

The kitchen has always been said to be the heart of the home and as the weather turns cooler families turn their focus to indoor activities. Whether you’re preparing a holiday meal or visiting with friends and family you will inevitably end up in the kitchen at some point. Adding a back splash to your kitchen can make your kitchen even more of a focal point for your guests. Trends for kitchen upgrades include gooseneck faucets and under-mount sinks. Spending a little of your budget in the kitchen nearly always pays off.

Trends in backsplashes include unique patterns, tiling to the ceiling, wood looking tile or flooring used as a back splash, and removing smaller accent tiles to create a continuous look.

Current Back Splash Trends

Try adding a unique pattern such as a herringbone pattern or a diagonal pattern to your traditional subway tiles for a different look. Another option would be to stack a subway tile to give it a more modern look.

A trendy option is to use wood grain tile to create a warm and rustic feel to your kitchen. Choosing to extend your backsplash tile to ceiling can make your kitchen appear larger and more continuous throughout.

Another emerging trend is removing accent pieces from a tile pattern to create a more continuous look. A simple pattern can help a kitchen to look less cluttered with its clean lines. 

Current Sink and Faucet Trends

One growing trend in kitchen design is the under-mount sink. An under-mount sink is great for people who love to both cook and entertain. The seamless design of the sink and counter top makes it easy to clean up after preparing a large meal. It also helps to contain the mess.

The great thing about an under-mount sink is the ability to place a cutting board over top and use it as additional counter space in a tight kitchen. There are many different materials that under-mount sinks can be made of including but not limited to quartz, enameled cast iron, stainless steel, porcelain, and marble. 

A popular trend in kitchen faucets are both the gooseneck faucet as well as the matte finish on a faucet. With the kitchen being a focal point of the home, investing a little money into upgrading a faucet can make a huge difference in the long run. Sedgewick Homes offers Delta faucets with Touch2O technology as well as standard Delta faucets.

Many of our available options for Delta faucets include the pull-down sprayer as well as standard faucets with the side mounted sprayer.